Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What I missed...

While I was celebrating and recovering from my five-year-old's birthday party, I missed a few Teacher's Write! posts.  As I quickly go through them today, here is what I want to remember. 

Sage writing advice is write what you know, not write who you are.  Any writer can write about diverse characters.  He/she just needs to know/learn about them.  Thank you, Christina Diaz Gonzalez!

In fiction, we have the wonderful ability to place our characters and conflicts in just the right setting.  Thank you, Elana Arnold! 

Rhyme's not super-duper easy, but it's also not way too hard.  It's also less important than meaning.  Thank you, Liz Garton Scanlon! 

Books are unlikely to hurt kids, even if they do scare them out of this world (adults too?).  Thank you, Laurel Snyder!

Every character in a book should have a strong voice, even if they only appear for a moment.  Thank you, Tracey Baptiste! 

As I write (fiction), I also write myself.  Thank you, Martha Brockenbrough! 

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