Wednesday, July 15, 2015

People Make Wonderful Prompts

This is the line that stood out for me most today in the Teachers Write! mini lesson.  We are only two official days into Teachers Write!, but I see intentional daily free-writing popping back into my ELA 9 lessons.  This would be a great prompt for students in the beginning of the course.

When I think of writing fiction, my first thought is usually, "Yeah, right?!" But sometimes I overcome that first thought and continue to think about writing fiction.  Sometimes I want to explore Grandpa and the letters he wrote to Grandma during World War II more.  Most of the time, I think about exploring the lives of my own children and their adventures.

As someone who loves to read, it seems so natural that the people all around us inspire characters.  It also seems natural that the characters we find most interesting, intriguing, or identifiable are real characters, so paying attention and being inspired by what you see is one characteristic of a good writer.  I'm not sure I'll be back to this blog or task today.  My life often seems to be running ahead of me, but my hope for today, is that I can slow it down a bit to pay more attention to the who/what around me. 

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