Monday, July 6, 2015

A White Page Day

Got up early
Ready to read and write
Prepped the coffee
Took care of morning chores
And a door opened
Feet followed
Time to feed
Time to read Berenstain Bears
Time to settle a couple of fights
Head outside
Read more Berenstain Bears
Settle a couple more fights
Head to the library
Find the superhereos
Claim the prizes
Choose new books
Books that fit just right
Play on the swings--oh, no! Too hot
Climb the slides; also too hot
Head for lunch
No spills, sat down for a few minutes between buffet trips
The pair heads down the road to play with friends
Grab a water
Sit down at the computer
Begin to write
The page is no longer white...

1:08PM.  The sequence above describes my day so far.  I had plans, as usual.  Life happened, as usual.  It is possible, though, to live each day as it comes and squeeze in some time to write.  

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