Saturday, July 25, 2015

Life happens; catching up again

Mike was in Italy last week, and I barely looked at Teachers Write!  The kids and I did have an experience that I think I'll start writing about soon and use with my ninth graders, though. 

So tonight, I'm hoping to catch up again.  Here's what I'm learning from going through the last week's posts. 

From Amy Fellner Dominy: 
Writing a book is ridiculously hard. Character mapping helps you work with characters.  Begin your map with the thing that defines your character and then branch out.  Take an attribute and flip it.  That might lead to the conflict in your book. 

From Anne Nesbet: 
You can get into your main character's head through Quoted Monologue, Psycho-Narration, and Narrated Monologue. 

From Sarah Prineas: 
The protagonist must protag. 

From Steve Sheinkin: 
The opening scene makes or breaks a book, especially non-fiction.  So start by thinking of scenes with a little bit of action that involve your main character and set the mood.  Go for 600-800 words. 

From Heidi Schulz: 
To make your characters come alive, know your characters.  Get to know your characters by creating scraps and scenes that have little to do with your plot, but help you to explore your character. 

From  Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich:
You can move from personal narrative to memoir by infusing memory with meaning.  Writing a memoir is about taking the small things and asking big questions.  

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