Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My baby turned 5!

Katie turned five last Thursday.  I'm not sure how that's possible, proud of how she's grown, and excited about what's to come all at the same time.  On Thursday, we met friends at Open Jump at Pump It Up, had an impromptu lunch party at the Rainforest Cafe, took Chelsea to Hip Hop, hit the sidewalk sales to become Explorers, and opened family presents.  Friday was movie day (Minions), get ready for the party day, and go to fireworks on the lake day.  Saturday was the party.  This week has been filled with trying to relax, writing thank you notes, and taking Chelsea to Wildcat camp.  All of that means life has been busy and full of blessings, but I fell behind in Teachers Write! again as I have the last two summers. 

What I'm hoping will be different this year is that I have a few moments today to catch up.  Or I hope if I don't catch up, I just jump back in and keep writing! 

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